Sossego Pousada
Rua Nova, 52 - Ilha de Boipeba (Bahia) - BA,
CEP: 45426-000 - Brasil

Services and standards

The island of Boipeba has no cars, motorbikes, banks, or ATMs, and our place aims at keeping this very atmosphere to allow visitors to get away from televisions, stress, news, and anything else that could disturb the unique experience of visiting one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

How to get here


- Leave your car in Graciosa (a village 20 minutes South from Valença): There you can take a speed boat with Expresso Boipeba (+55 75 997-614195). The last boat usually leaves to Boipeba at 4:00 p.m. The trip takes 40 minutes on calm, river water. No bumping. However, there is no way to buy the ticket online. You’ve got to buy it right there. This is my favorite option. Parking and speed boats are much cheaper than they would be in Valença.

- Leave your car in Valença: this city is the largest in the region and has speed boats every hour. Parking and speed boats there are approximately 25% more expensive than they would be in Graciosa. The trip takes about 1 hour. The river is calm and not bumping at all. And I like to see all of those boats of all sorts when we leave the dock. It looks like a big avenue on the water.

From the airport, take a taxi/uber to the Ferry Boat at the Terminal de São Joaquim, which takes you to Bom Despacho (1 hour to cross the bay, approximately BRL 6 per person). When you get to the other side, at the terminal itself, you buy a ticket to take a bus with air conditioning to Valença or Graciosa (a 2-hour trip, about BRL 25). And then:

- If you choose Valença: the bus station is 1 km away from the dock. You’ve got to take a taxi. When you get to the docks, take a speed boat to Boipeba. It costs about BRL 45 per person. It’s a 1-hour trip along a river. Nobody gets seasick. Very calm waters.

- If you choose Graciosa: the bus drops you right across from the dock. The speed boat ticket costs approximately BRL 32 per person.

The airport of Valença is much closer to Boipeba. Much closer, really. However, it only has flights on Saturdays and only by Azul Airlines, which can be more expensive, but it saves hours when compared to the trip from Salvador to here.

The airport of Salvador has more flights at better prices, but the trip from Salvador to Boipeba takes - honestly - about 6 hours. I like this option as well because crossing the Bay of All Saints on the ferry boat offers a wonderful view of Salvador and an experience that is not something you see everyday, where you can see the entire skyline from the Fort of Humaitá to the Barra Lighthouse. It is worth the view. Also, there are these guys selling homemade ice cream - coconut, cajá, goiaba, mangaba, etc... I always eat at least three, always. On the other side of the bay, you take the bus (as explained above) and then a speed boat along a very smooth and beautiful river, particularly if you take the boat at the end of afternoon, when the sunset makes it all magic.

There are also flights for up to 6 people from the airport of Salvador to Boipeba, but a ticket costs about BRL 600 per person per segment. If money is not a problem, this is the best option then.