Located in one of the most beautiful and most preserved islands in Brazil, with calm and crystal-clear waters, Pousada
Sossego Boipeba maintains the same peaceful and

natural atmosphere in its gardens. Our rooms aim at collaborating with the peace of the island, so as to blend in with the gardens and birds that visit us every day.


Our gardens are a natural expression of the Atlantic Forest and attract several species of birds, humming birds, animals, and curious insects.

Even though the Tiê Sangue (Ramphocelus bresilius) may be the most colorful of all birds, the three species of humming birds seem to be the most jealous of their flowers, particularly the heliconias, which they defend and dispute with their beaks and hedge-hopping flights among visitors. The Gameleira (Ficus doliaria) at the garden shower also shows the vigour of the forest and the speed with which everything changes and grows in a subtropical forest in preserved island.

And after a day of intense sun, the shade of banana trees, the heliconias, the freshness of Pitanga trees, the exotic cocoa trees, and the gigantic mango tree offer a tranquilizing and cozy atmosphere.


In Portuguese, “Sossego” means “Peace and Quiet,” and we honor that name. However, when tranquillity feels to be too much, our Snooker Bar offers an official Pool Table, music, and several drinks for guests and - sometimes - other local visitors that we know very well.

Guests can choose their own soundtracks using the bluetooth speakers and the television (the only TV set available).


Our breakfast offers traditional and regional options, but we also accept suggestions from guests regarding special needs or food restrictions. Miss Anilda is our cook in the morning, with her funny, loud laughter, talkative, very willing to help.

And she loves when someone compliments her delicious sweet and salty tapioca cuscuz in coconut syrup… very light, delicate, hard to explain. As for the juices, pitanga and cajá are the best and the freshest in my opinion, even though graviola and cocoa (all planted and picked here!) may be the most exotic ones, along with cupuaçu and mangaba. Hard to say... By the way, the mangaba trees cover a large part of the island. They may be easily mistaken by olive trees!